The Top 8 Ways To Last Longer In The Bedroom

A common desire most men share is the desire to please their partners in the bedroom.

If you’re one of these men, your goals are admirable and you’ll be happy to know there’s plenty of ways you can please your partner more when it comes to sex.

One ‘bedroom super power’ you probably crave or atleast should crave as someone who wants to please your sexual partners, is the ability to last longer in bed.

It makes total sense, the longer you have sex the more likely you’ll be able to please your partner.However most men have a real problem when it comes to lasting longer in bed. With that in mind here are the best techniques to help you last longer in bed.

The Stop- Start Technique

Also known as edging, this technique is best done whilst masturbating so you can easily transition to sex.

Masturbate/penetrate until you feel yourself getting close to the point of no return. Then stop, take a deep breath wait for 30 seconds and start again. With repeated sessions you’ll learn to prolong ejaculation.

Keep Yourself Distracted

I know this one is a bit annoying for some men but it works. Basically whilst penetrating  you keep your focus on other things like doing tricky mathematics sums in your head. The Brain can only focus on a limited amount of stimulus at one time.

By focussing on the numbers you’re counting in your head, your penis will be more ‘knumbed out’. This is because you’re not giving all your attention to the love making you’re currently partaking in. You can even look at the wall or imagining animal (which will work unless you’re into beastiality).

The reason this method is not favoured is because it involves detaching from the lovemaking currently happeing. However it works so try it anyway if you want an effective method.


Kegels, also known as PC muscle contractions are a very good way to train yourself up to last longer in bed. There is a muscle that lies between your anus and your ball sack. This muscle can be made stronger through training. Once made stronger the PC muscle will allow you to become the bedroom master you’ve always wanted to be.

A strong PC muscle will allow you to ‘shoot’ your ejaculation like the pornstar Peter North, which is impressive enough by itself. Secondly, a strong PC muscle will put you in control of your orgasms by allowing you to contact the pc muscle on command, stopping your ejeculations when you feel you’re about to go.

The best way to find your PC muscle is while urinating. Go to urinate but stop and start the urination process. The muscle which you feel stopping and starting the urination process is the PC muscle.

The best way to strengthen your PC muscle is though kegels. There are many variations of kegels available. You can do simple stop-start clenches or you can clench for a certain number of second for example 30 seconds then release and start again. Be sure not to overtrain your PC Muscle though as this is extremely easy to do.

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Get The First ‘Nut’ Out Of The Way

You know how easy it is to ‘shoot’ when you haven’t done it in some time. This technique invloves getting the first cumshot out of the way an hour or 2 before you enter your love making session (through masturbation). This will ‘push back’ your cumshot.

Too much ejaculation is not reccomended, however masturbation is a perfectly healthy thing to do, in moderation of course. It can also help you build up some stamina as long as you’re not one of those guys who ‘rips the head off it’. Masturbate with purpose as detailed in stop-start technique.

Use Foreplay To Your Advantage

Your partner will not care whether you make her orgasm with your mouth, finger or penis, an orgasm is an orgasm. The good news comes from the fact that you can make her orgasm with your either your mouth, fingers or both, before you even have penetration sex.

Use this tip to your advantage and make yourself into a bedroom master.

Use A Thick Condom

Using a thick condom is a fairly self explanatory way to last longer in bed. The extra thickness on the condom will make your penis more disensitised and therefore allow you to last longer in bed. The one problem with this technique is that it slightly reduces the enjoyment of sex. However the rewards are worth it if you have a problem with premature ejaculation.

On the subject of thickness I should point out that a thicker penis willl also help you to last longer in bed. When it comes to increasing penis girth there is currently no better device than the Bathmate Hydromax hydropump.

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Mix Up Your Strokes

Vary the types of strokes you use from slow to fast. You won’t be suprised to hear that you’re more likely to orgasm quicker if you’re using fast strokes. Switch to slower strokes every now and then to keep yourself in control of your ejaculation.

When you slow things down, it’s also a good opportunity to do some pornographic godly stuff such as pulling out momentarily and rubbing her clit and surrounding areas. You’ll look like a pornstar to your sex partner and you’ll be able to last longer, win-win.

Take Pills That Help you To Last Longer

The problem of lasting longer in bed affects so many men that it was inevitable that pills would be invented at some point to combat the problem. There are a lot of pills you should avoid though. The best pills for lasting longer are best taken from your doctor. Don’t fall for the scams out there.

As you may already know, whenever a big problem like lasting longer in bed arises. There’s always a que of unethical companies ready to scam you out of your hard earned cash. Use pills as a last resort and only get them from your GP/Urologist.

So there you have it, the best ways to last longer in bed. Master these and you’ll be on your way to becoming a bedroom demon in no time.

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