The Top 7 Most Overlooked Yet Powerful Female Erogenous Zones

It’s a common belief that behind every man’s desire to increase his penis size, lies the desire to please a woman and this is a fairly safe assumption.

The problem we have nowadays though is that we equate pleasing a woman with giving her penetration orgamsms (that’s partly where the obsession to make the penis bigger comes from).

This is assumption is however a HUGE mistake because it misses out the important fact that pleasuring a woman in the bedroom relies on much more than penetration. Infact there’s an aspect of pleasing a woman that’s often overlooked by men but also just happens to be the most important…


Foreplay, and in particular the stimulation of a woman’s erogenous zones before penetration is crucial to being a world class lover. With good foreplay you can get women having orgasms before you even have penetration sex. In fact foreplay is so pleasurable to some women that they would even be okay to skip the penetration sex, just ask lesbians!

For men who are looking to get make their women to have more orgasms from penetration sex it’s wise to know that good foreplay can even lead to penetration orgasms.

Wth that In mind, here are 8 powerful female erogenous zones, often overlooked. If you want to become a master in the bedroom, learn how to stimulate these spots:

The Lips

The lips are packed with tons of nerve endings. They are hundreds of times more sensitive that the fingertips believe it or not. So make sure to pay some attention to them when trying to turn women on.

There’s only really one main way to stimulate the lips (in public) and that’s throught kissing. Try a variety of kisses.



The Lower Back

One of the most overlooked  and powerful female errogenous zones is the lower back. Most men (and women) don’t know that the lower back is loaded with nerve ending that make it super sensitive to touch.

Massaging the lower back has also been shown to increase bloodflow to the pelvic area. So a little attention on the lower back will take you a long way!


The Neck

The Neck is a highly sensitive area and one of the top female errogenous zones. It’s extremely easy to stimulate and was rated as one of the best errogenous zones in a study by journal cortex, above the the breasts and nipples!

So don’t neglect the neck when it comes to foreplay. Be gentle though as this area is highly sensitive. Gentle kisses and soft brushes are recommended.

The Wrists

The wrists, in particular the inner wrists are one of the less known about female errogenous zones. They are packed with nerve endings making them one of the best ways to innocently turn a woman on.

Just grab your partner’s wrist and stroke it sensually. The sexual intent must be there but the strokes must be gentle to get the best results. Practice until you become a master!


The Ears

The ears are a suprising errogenous one but they contain a lot of nerve endings, making them super sensitive to touch. So be sure not overlook them, nibble an suck on them during foreplay and you will see awesome results.

Admittedly they’re not as glamourous as other errogenous zones but should get attention anyway because they’re effective for helping you turn women on. Apparently the ears are also an errogenous zone on men so you could even try them out on yourself.


 The Feet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard of foot fetish. Well it turns out that women’s feet are sensitive to touch. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be like the extreme foot fetish guys who want to put feet in their mouth and all sorts.

Just as effective for stimulating the feet is a foot massage, whiich can lead to an increase in sexual arousal in women.


The Hair And Scalp

The hair is an extremely powerful errogenous zone, it’s perhaps one of the best known on this list. The hair and scalp are loaded with nerve endings making them super senstitive to touch.

The scalp is less known about but should be massaged and rubbed to trigger pleasurbale sensations in your partners body as well as increasing bloodflow.

Massaging the scalp has also been shown to increase levels of oxytocin and seratonin which are essential feel good hormones. So it would be wise to include the hair and scalp into your foreplay routine.

So there you have it, the top errogenous zones you’ll be wise to remember next time to please your partner. Remember though penetration sex is still a big factor of heterosexual relationships so if you’re not happy with your penis size, make it bigger.

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