The 5 Most Common Penis Enlargement Mistakes You Must Avoid!

Since the beginning of time men have been concerned witht the size of their penis. Mainly with trying to make it bigger.

It is a common assumption that men with bigger penises can satisfy women better.  Whether or not that assumption is true,  lot of men believe that women want a guy who is well-endowed so that he can send her into wild ecstasy.

This false belief creates a false ‘urgency’ to increase penis size. So manyy guys end up making mistakes which can and should be avoided. The reason they do this is in an ettempt to get faster results usually.

When it comes to penis enlargment, you need to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

With That in mind, here are some common mistakes you want to avoid in your quest to make your penis bigger:

1.    Expecting Results Overnight

All obsessions are unhealthy. Obsessing over your penis is no different. Generally speaking, just like any other part of your body that is fully grown, you can’t expect miraculous growth to happen overnight.

Your body needs time to heal and grow. Ressist the temptation of trying methods which are either dangerous or effective such as surgery, weights or creams in your search to make your penis bigger faster. Instead


2.    Using Unsafe Methods
Some men are so desperate to make thier penises bigger faster that they resort to hanging weights from them. This is done in the hopes of stretching the penis and is highly NOT RECCOMENDED.

The same goes for surgery, don’t do it. There’s tons of cheaper and safer alternatives.  It’s no good having a big penis if you can’t use it!

3.    Thinking A Pill Can Increase Your Penis Size
The sad truth is that most penis enlargement pills are ineffective. The best they do is give you harder erections and boost your sex drive.The dangerous thing about pills is that in most cases men think increasing dosage will make up for it.

This is dangerous and misses the main point. Penis enargment pills are ineffective. As of this moment, a pill that can permanently and significantly increase the size of your penis, does not exist. And I think it’s gonna be a while intil one shows up!

4.    Not Being Consistent Enough
The natural way of increasing your penis length and girth is the best way.  It’s also the only method for producting permanent results. However, you’ll need to exercises atleast every other day.

A lot of men give up because they don’t see any temporary results to give them ecouragement and push them to be consistent. In order to get long lasting permanent results you need to be consistent with your work outs. It’s like getting big muscles. If you want to see results, you have to work out.

The irony in men quiting because of a lack of encouraging results lies in the fact that they actualy REALLY want to make their penis bigger. However their CURRENT SIZE and their IDEAL SIZE ( The Dream) are way apart and they get discouraged early on.

5.    Not Allowing Enough Recovery Time

The final problem is another problem that stems from over-eagerness. Every successful penis enlargment routine will have rest periods. This means adequate recovery time between work outs.

Don’t think that ‘working out more’ will lead to ‘faster’ or ‘better results as with the gym however. You penis is a different kind of muscle and should be treated with a bit more care than that. Remember that most of your growth is done whist resting.

Give your penis and yourself time to adjust to your new training schedule. Be patient. Just make sure you pick a PROVEN method for making the penis bigger so you can have a peace of mind and approach the subject with calmness.

Here is a link to an article I wrote, detailing only the fastest and safest ways to make your penis bigger:

How To Make Your Penis Bigger- Everything You Need To Know!

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