The 3 Best Success Tips For Penis Enlargment!

Mindset Is EverythingWhatever your reasons are for choosing to make your penis bigger, there’s one factor which will determine whether you succeed or fail, your mindset. In this article we’ll be discussing the most effective mindset tactics which will help you make your penis bigger and help you win at life in general.

Most men who embark on a quest to increase their penis size totally ignore the mindset ascpect of penis enlargment. Don’t be one of these men.

What you need to understand is that we live in a ‘mental’ world, meaning the mind is 100% involved in everything we do. Have you ever done anything without first thinking about it? Probably not I would guess.

This is because humans are mental creatures and rely on their minds for everything. We’re more like minds possessing bodies than we are like bodies possessing minds. So here are some keys to succeeding at penis enlargment and winning at life in general.


Visualisation has been given great attention in recent years since the New Age movement began. With good reason because this truly is one of the most important skills you can learn to improve the quality of your life.

Visualisation can be simply defined as imagination. We’ve been taught to dismiss the powers of imagination from a very early age in this society. The problem with this is…we are imaginative beings!

So it makes no sense whatsover to be frowning down on a skill we all need to live, and succeed. Visualisation can help you immensely in your quest to make your penis bigger too.

First start by imagining your ideal penis size. Hold this image in your mind at all time and never deviate from it. Then you keep that image of your ideal goal in your mind as you do your training to make your penis bigger. Keeping your attention on the image will spur you to keep going on days when you feel like you don’t want to train.

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The only problem to be aware of when using visualisation is impatience. This impatience will stem from the fact that your ‘current’ penis size and your ‘ideal’ penis size do not match. There’s a simple way to combat this. Keep your mind distracted when you’re done with your work out session.

By focussing on other things your mind will be kept pre-occupied, then when it’s time to exercise once more, bring the vision of your ideal penis to forefront of your mind once more. Then once the training sessions has been done, concentrate on other things again. Keep doing this until you finally reach your ideal size.

Practice, practice, Practice. Then once you master this skill you can use it to bring other things into your life using visualisation. It’s a good idea to study up on ‘the law of attraction’ anyway.

Now onto the next success tip.


Another good aspect of visualisation is how it helps you in remaining consistent with your work outs. At times in your quest to make your penis bigger, you’ll have days when you totally don’t want to train.

The key here is to use visualisation once more. However this time you’ll be using it to visualise/imagine all the benefits that will come to you when your penis gets bigger. Visualise how you’ll act differently, the way women will respond to you and how your friends will treat you once you reach your goal.

This will keep you on track with your training and keep you on the straight path to making your penis bigger. The thing to remember here is that you’ll be the one to see the benefits of making your penis bigger, so the motivation to make it bigger should come from within. Visualisation is a great way to stay self motivated.


The best part of visualisation is seeing your vision finally come into being. However this can take a while and can lead to impatience. This is certainly true in the case of penis enlargment.

Don’t believe any penis enlargment products that promise permanent results in ‘2 weeks’ and other clearly ficticious time frames. When it comes to temporary results it’s possible to make the penis bigger, especially using a penis enlargment device like the Bathmate Hydromax hydropump. However this is because it’s specifically disigned to give you phenominal temporary results. These results will become permanent with consistent use though.

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Even with a device like the Bathmate which gives you a clear view of the road ahead, it’s easy to become impatient. This impatience can lead you to over-train and damage your penis in the process.

Avoid this mistake by keeping your ideal goal in your mind and know for certain that it will one day come. Speak to your mind, it listens and has been put there to be your servant. Once you have reaffirmed to your mind that the permanent growth will come, focus on other things.

Remember: As long as you pick a good method for making the penis bigger, the permanent results will come. So Be patient.

So there you have it! To succeed at penis enlargment you need visualision, perseverance and patience!

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