Penis Advantage Vs Penis Enlargment Bible- Which is The Best Natural Penis Enlargment Program?

If you’re looking to make your penis bigger using just your hands then you it’s imperative to get yourself a coach.

Escpecially if you’re new to penis enlargment. Having a coach will give you the confidence to keep going and acheive your goal because you’ll be getting guided by an expert in natural penis enlargment.

A coaches will also help you perform the exercises safely and be there for you as someone to talk to should you get stuck.

Which as you may already know, is extremely easy to do when using just your hands alone to make your penis bigger.

Here is a comparion between the 2 best c oaching programs available out there.

Penis Advantage and The Penis Enlargment Bible.

When it comes to coaching programs, look no futher tha these 2 coaching programs. They cover everything you need to know in order to grow your penis quickly and safely. Enjoy!

Let’s begin with Penis Advantage

Penis Advantage has been around since 2001, they’ve helped over 180,000 men increase the size of their penis using just their hands.

Here are some of the main benefits of being a member of Penis Advantage according to their website:

  • The ability to enlarge your erection size and strength Fast
  • You’ll be able to thicken the girth of your erect penis and develop a more mascular, more attractive looking penis
  • How to have multiple orgasms!
  • How to ejaculate like a pornstar
  • Being Part of a program that has a 98%+ success rate

I would say the main benefit is all the knowledge you have in front of you. If you’re a newbie to penis enlargment then you’ll enjoy what Penis Advantage have to offer. They provide you with all the tools and knowledge necessary for you to get the penis you crave.

Penis Advantage is covered by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

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Now Onto The Penis Enlargment Bible

The Penis Enlargment Bible is fairly new on scene but it’s making a lot of noise at the moment. Produced by John Collins, The Penis Enlargment Bible focusses on natural exercises to make the penis bigger.

To date over 5,000 men have been helped by The Penis Enlargment Bibile in their quest to make their penis bigger.

Here are some of the benefits of being a member, according to their website:

  • They claim you  can add 2-4 Inches to your Length.
  • Add Upto 1 Inch in Girth.
  • Biology based growth- John Collins claims to have discovered a way to help kickstart the body’s natural biological process for growing the penis.
  • Rock Hard Erections and increased Sexual Stamina

I get the feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more about The Penis Enlargment Bible in the near future. The testimonials I’ve read sound very encouraging.

The Penis Enlargment Bible is also covered by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

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My opinion Is…

That it doesn’t make too much of a difference which of these products you end up choosing, the important things is you commit yourself to making your penis bigger.

The only way you can guarantee results is by commiting yourself to a consistent routine, it pays off!

Personaly I’m leaning more towards The Penis Enlargment Bible, mainly because I like the idea that the author John Collins has managed to figure out how to biologically get the penis to restart the growth process. However, I personally don’t need it.

That’s because I posses what I believe to be the best penis enlargment device known to man. The Bathmate Hydromax.

That would be my true recommendation based on my own experience in trying to enlarge my penis.

The exercises presented in  the Penis Advantage coaching program and The Penis Enlargment Bible do work though. They’ve also figured out how to help you get the maximum results with just a few minutes of exercises each day, which is pretty cool.

I definitely would have tried manual exercises if I had one of these two guides when I began my journey to make my own penis bigger.

Hope this review was helpful.

If you have any comments,  feel free to leave them below,

till next time,