How To Make The Penis Bigger- Everything You Need To Know!

You know, I find it amazing that we’re in 2017 and some men still don’t know that it’s possible to make the penis bigger.

If you’re one of these men, then you’ll be glad to know that not only is it possible for you to make the penis bigger but there’s countless ways you can use to make it happen!

The real question is, which of the ways available to make the penis bigger produces the fastest results and is also the safest?

Read on to find out…

Let’s be honest here, most men want a bigger penis. Even the ones who already have a penis  that would be considered above average size by most.

The reason behind this is unknown to me but it’s in our history, there’s countless phalic monuments around the world. Like the Tower of Pisa, The Eiffel Tower and many others, like the suggestive rock carving on this page.

As you sit there reading this, I know some of you may be having envious thoughts about the ‘blessed’ rock carving on this page. Well envy no longer my friend!

I’m about to equip you with all the knowledge and advice that you  will ever need in order to get the penis of your dreams or even better.

I’ve been in your shoes, I walked the path from being insecure about the size of my penis to being extremely secure and confident. Trust me, the second one’s way better!

So wherever you are on your  own path, strap in and enjoy learning!

Let’s begin with why it’s possibe to make the penis bigger…

As you can see from the image, your Penis is Divided into 3 chambers.

2 large ones at the top, called the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue) and one smaller one at the bottom, called the carpus spongiosum (urinal and ejaculation chamber).

When you get aroused your brain releases a hormone which sends blood to your penis, Your Corpora Cavernosa fills with blood to the max and you get an erection.

The great news for guys wanting to know how to make their penises bigger comes from the fact that your corpora cavernosa can be stretched and expanded and made bigger through, like many of our body parts.

Okay so you now know for sure that the penis can be made bigger. Here are the best ways to make it bigger. Starting with…

Manual Hand Exercises


Manual hand exercises, mainly stretching and jelqing, have been used by men all over the world for thousands of years, to make the bigger.

Men from ancient tribes of Africa, South America and Ancient Arabic cultures have all used these methods at some point in their history.

These exercises are the most cost effective. All they require is 2 working pair of hands. The only problem is they put your penis at most risk of injury. They also require quite a lot of free time to perform them.

Jelqing– Jelqing is an ancient Arabic technique for making the penis bigger. It’s a very well known nowadays.The concept is simple, you force more blood into the penis by making a milking motion starting from the base of the penis moving upwards.

The movement ends before you reach the glans (head). The idea is to expand the corpora cavernosa overtime, causing the penis to get bigger. Jelqing is never to be done in a fully erect state as this is dangerous.

Stretching– Exactly as it sounds, you just use your hands to stretch your penis in many directions, up, down, left, right. The idea is to break down the ligaments so they form back stronger.

It’s pretty simple to do but again you need to be careful not to injure yourself. When taking part in any penis enlargement program it’s a good idea to take the safety first approach. You’ll only have one penis your whole life!

My own personal opinion on stretching exercises, as with other manual exercises is that they work. But in my opinion you’ll see much faster success if you’ve got a coach.

There’s only 2 coaching programs you need to consider. Penis Advantage and The Penis Enlargment Bible. I’ve done an in depth comparion of these 2 programs.

 Click Here To Read My Penis Advantage Vs The Penis Enlargment Bible Comparion

For me personally, manual exercises alone produced very little in the way of encouraging temporary results. These temporary gains are important in enouraging you to keep training everyday.

Some people also seem to think the manual hand exercises alone lack ‘sexiness’ and maybe they’re right.

But If you want sexy penis enlargment, then you should look more into…

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps have been used as a way to make the penis bigger for a long time. They were used way back in 50s during the sexual revolution but never really caught on  with the majority until the early 2000s.

Penis pumps are penis enlargment devices that promarily use suction to make the penis bigger. There are 2 types of penis pumps- air and water pumps.

If you decide to make your penis bigger using  a pump, then I  recommend using a water pump.

This is because I have a water pump myself and know  from experience that they deliver on the claims! My water pump is the Hydromax Hydropump.

Water pumps can be used to; increase penis length and girth, treat erectile problems, cure premature ejaculation and correct penile curvature.

The best of the water pumps is the Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump. I personally own one and can tell you from experience that it’s awesome. One of the few  penis enlargment products out there that lives up to the hype.

Click here to my read my review of the Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump

Working towards a bigger penis has never been more fun! I’ve had my Bathmate Hydromax for a couple of years and the results I’ve gotten with it are Incredible. Results I couldn’t have dreamed of. My penis is longer and thicker than it’s ever been!

The key to my success has been consistency.  The same as with other methods of penis enlargment, if you want to see permanent results, you’ll need to be consistent.

Without a doubt this is the method I recommend the mosty most. If you’re serious about seeing results in your quest to make your penis bigger.

The Hydromax hydropump is the only penis enlargment device that I endorse with all my reputation as I’ve seen the results it produces when used correctly.

You penis looks bigger both in length and girth from the very first session. It will slowly start to go back to its original size as time passes by, but the temporary results will cement with consistent use.

In fact, with consistent use you’ll far surpass the initial results you see, which are good enough by themselves. I highly recommend it.


Traction Device

A Traction Device is a device that’s used to make the penis bigger  through stretching. It mainly increases penis length, but with great success.

Traction devices are commonly used after a patient undergoes penis enlargement surgery, in order to get the penis to stretch to it’s new size after the surgery. Which makes me wonder why do they have the surgery in the first place!?

Anyway, many men report seeing very good results with penis extenders and it’s easy to see why they’re popular when you consider how the penis works and the human body’s natural susceptibility to extension under constant tension.

Consider for a moment the fact that ancient tribes (and some morons nowadays) used hang heavy weights from their dongs in an attempt to make it bigger through stretching.

If the penis can adjust to the pressure of weights, then believe that it can adjust to a traction device, a device specifically designed to make it bigger.

In fat, there was a report conducted in Turin a few years ago which showed that men who used a penis extender for six months managed to increase the size of their penis by 32%. Keep in mind that the test was carried out 6 months after the men had stopped using the device.

So the results even cement, the only problem is that these are  strictlylength gains. So if you’re only looking to add length to the size of your penis then you should try s traction device.


As you now know, there are quite a lot of ways to make the penis bigger. If you’re ready to start making your penis bigger now, then choose a way that best suits your situation.

Having said that however I feel like I wouldn’t be doing you justice without letting you know that you should look into purchasing the Hydromax Hydropump if you’re serious about increasing the size of your penis. You won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments, feel free to leave them below



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