Foods That Help To Increase Penis Size- Superfoods Revealed!

There are certain foods, which, when consumed have been known to help men who are on a quest to increase the size of their penis. As you may know, your erection size and overall penis size is largely determined by the amount of blood your penis can hold in it.

So you’ll agree with me when I say that bloodflow is absolutely crucial to penis enlargment.With that in mind I’ve compiled a nice list of foods that will help increase the bloodflow to your penis and improve your general penile health.

Here are some suggestions for your next shopping list…

Bananas – Bananas do more than just look like a yellow penis! They’re also highly rich in pottasium which is crutial to the smooth running of the heart, and other organs.

Obviously the heart is also responsible for pumping blood around the body. As you may already know bloodflow is crucial to helping you make your penis bigger, so treat your heart as your best friends.



Leafy green vegetables like spinach are rich in Vitamin E helps to widen blood vessels, allowing blood to pass though them easire.

As someone looking to increase the size of your penis, the words ‘widen’ and ‘bloodvessels should be music to your ears. Obviously wider blood vessels equal to more blood being help in the penis and as a result, a bigger penis.


 Tomatoes may be modest looking but they’ve got some power! They contain lycopene which helps increase bloodflow in the same as way as the watermelon.

This dark horse of the healthy foods also helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. So not only could it help make your penis bigger. It could also save your life!


Red Wine, According to research conducted in Italy, contains antioxidants which produce nitric oxide when they combine with the alcohol contained in the red wine.

Nitric Oxide is an essential ingredient for Penis enlargment. Nitric oxide relaxes the aretieries and increases blood flow to the genitals. Red Wine companies should put this in their adverts!

Some Other Considerable Mentions include:

  • Onions – Onions help to keep your heart healthy by lowering the amount of bad cholestrol you have in your body.
  • Garlic– Garlic has been known to increase bloodflow alongside it’s other benefits.
  • Watermelon– Watermelons contain lycopene, a natural antioxidant which has been shown to increase blood flow.
  • Dark Chocolate– Dark chocolate contains flavanoids, naturally occuring antioxidants which have been shown to improve bloodflow.
  • Oranges – Citrus fruits like oranges are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to increase bloodflow. Other citrus fruits will also give you the same benefits.

By the way if you now see the importance consuming the right nutrients plays in making your penis bigger then look into these…

Supplements that are cruitial to bloodflow

Nitric Oxide– Nitric oxide is a crucial supplement for anyone considering making theirpenis bigger. It expands blood vesels, increasing blood flow. It also decreases plaque growth and presents blood clotting. Nitric oxide is found in high amounts in cocoa, especially raw cocoa. It can also be found in watermelon, Pomegranate, Spinach, Oranges, cranberries and other foods.

L- arginine – L-arginine is an amino acid which helps to exapand blood vessels, increasing bloodflow. It can also be found  in red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products.

It’s hard to get a  hold of these 2 crucial supplements.

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