Does size matter?- Finally Answered

Admit it, you’ve asked yourself this question at some point. We’ve all had this thought at some point. And yet there seems to be no definitive answer.

Well today we’re finally going to be answering this question,  once and for all.

To begin with, lets take a look at the Penis’ main function

We all know that the penis’ is primaily used for urinating and for ejaculating sperm, to create life. You may be forgiven for thinking that these are it’s only uses.

It makes sense,  nature, our goal is to ‘plant our seed’ in as many women as possible and produce offspring. This is down to the fact that men produce over 500 BILLION sperm cells over a life time. However a recent discovery changed my mind about the whole thing.

Men are multi orgasminc! I know wtf!

But yes it’s true, men can have multiple orgasms too and this a proven scientific fact.

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It’s crazy to  think that men can have multiple orgasms. I’m yet to master multiple orgasms but I’ve managed to train myself up to last a LOT longer in bed and I’m still improvingl.

It’s worth looking into, you have nothing to lose!


Now back to the topic at hand.

This fact of being able to delay/deny ejaculation calls into question the theory that the penis is just a urination and ejaculation ‘tool’.

Every man who is alive now and who has ever lived  before holds one thing in common, having a penis and being obsessed with it.

Let’s Travel Back To Ancient Times

Men from ancient times, much like us, were obsessed with the size of their penises. Remember that the manual hand stretches like jelqing come directly from ancient times.

There’s countless ancient artistic depictions of the penis as being a symbol of male power, virility and strenghth. Even ancient men were obsessed with wanting to know how to make the penis bigger.

The large penis much like it is now, was a fascinating subject for many ancient tribes.

There are cave drawing stretching back to 400BC depicting high status men of the time as having large penises. Ancient Gods like Geb, the ancient egyptian God of creation are depicted as having big penises.

This is due to the association we make between penis size and male confidence, power, virility. But also don’t forget, it’s a tool that helps create life, so it’s no wonder the ancients valued it and we do too

Some Ancient tribes of Africa and South America are still to this very day practicing strethcing exercises to make their penises bigger.

Crazy to think that primitive tribes are making their penises bigger. They don’t even have the penis insecurity created by porn! Okay so we’re getting a pretty nice idea here as to what the answer to the question mght be.

Lets Comeback To The Present

This society is perhaps THE MOST obsessed with our penises. Masturbation is just a normal part of the day for every man so we have little choice but to keep questioning whether orm not our size is good enough or not. The use of porn has contributed hugely to this.

We in this society, have had so many different ideas fed to us about what the perfect penis is supposed to look like. The main source guys want an answer from on this question is women. Bad Idea! Because the fact is that a woman who loves you will think your penis size is perfect. Once she stops loving you, that same penis might now be a tiny one to her and she’ll let you know if it ended badly.

The best advice I can give you is to rely on your opinion only when it comes to your life. Don’t allow others’ opinion to govern your life. The main reason you would want to know the answer to this question is because of an insecurity. Turns out there’s a lot of insecure people around because most of us have asked ourselves this question.

Our society is definitely obsessed with big penises. Just look at the popularity of big penis porn and you’ll understand what I mean. I can see why now having looked at the history of penis obsession.

My Opinion

In my opinion size does matter. Because it matter TO ME. I think that’s the key, if it matters to you, then it matters to you, simple. I’ve had sex with an average sized penis and I’ve had sex with a bigger penis, it’s a no brainer which one I prefered. The thing is I’m not the only one. So perhaps we all share this view.

If you’re insecure about the size of your penis, you should definitely look into making it bigger. No one’s going to do it for you. This website is packed with all the information you need in order to make your penis bigger so feel free to browse around.

Thanks for reading, if you have a comment feel free to leave one below






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