Discover One Of The Best Kept Secrets – How To Perform Kegels

Kegels, also known as pelvic floor exercises have been known about in small circles for some time. They were invented in the 1940s by a doctor named Arnold Kegel.

They were originally invented for women to help them tighten their vaginas after giving birth. It was later discovered that kegels offered great benefits to men also. The ability to perform kegels is now absolutely cruicial for all men whether or not they’re trying to make their penis bigger.

Kegels can really transform your sexual life and turn you into an envied and desired lover. Envied by men and desired by women of course.

The truth is that these exercises are one of the best kept secrets of our time. Perhaps it’s their simplicity which makes people overlook them and fail to see the value in them.

In this article you’ll find out just why you kegels are a must for any man looking to become a bedroom sex god. So strap in and enjoy the ride.

What are kegels And Why Should I Learn How To Do Them?

Kegels are simple exercises which focus on strenghtening pelvic floor muscles, the muscles responsible for urination. These muscles are extremely important to both men and women and their weakening can cause you all sorts of problems you don’t want.

When strenghthened, the pelvic floor muscles can help you cure your premature ejaculation, urinary incontinence and a fun one more fun one, they can help you learn how to ‘shoot’ your semen. Giving you pornstar cumshots.

The way this works is very simple. Once you’ve strentgened your PC muscle through kegels you’ll be able to ‘block’ ejaculation but tensing your PC muscle when you geel yourself getting close to the point of no return. This is how kegels will help to turn you into a sex god, by giving you complete control over your ejaculation.

Your PC muscle is what contracts when you have an orgasm. So by streghthening your PC muscle through Kegels, you will be able to have much stronger and more powerful orgasms and much more powerful cumshots. You can effetively turn your penis into a loaded gun.

This strenthening of the PC muscles through kegels, combined with practice, can actually make you multi orgasmic! That’s right, you can learn to have multi orgasms as a man whatever your age.

Kegels help to increase bloodflow to your penis, meaning you will get stronger, harder erections. This increased bloodflow will also indirectly lead to a slightly enlarged penis.

However they’ll work even better for making your penis bigger if you combine them with a penis enlargment device. Like the Bathmate Hydromax water pump.

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The best thing about kegels is that you can perform them anywhere, anytime. Literally anwhere, so you have no excuse for not doing them, especially after you’ve seen all the wonderful benefits you’ll get from regular kegels.

In order to perform kegels you must first be able to find your PC muscle.

How To Find Your PC Muscle

Your PC muscle is the muscle placed between your testicles and your anus. The easiest way to find this muscle is during urination.

Whilst urinating try to stop and start the urination process. Now pay special attention to the area between your testicles and your anus. This is where the PC muscle lies and that’s how you’re able to stop and start the urination process.

Be careful not to confuse your PC muscle with your anus. Because they’re close together it’s easy to be fooled into thinking you’re tensing your PC muscles when really all you’re going is clenching and unclenching your anus.

This is not s huge problem but be aware that your anus is not tensed and your abdominen is kept relaxed aswell.

After you’ve successfully located your PC muscles it will be time to perform kegels.

How To Perform Kegels

  • Kegels are extremely simple to perform. All you do is contract/squeeze your PC muscles.
  • Once you have squeezed the muscles, hold it for about 5 seconds.
  • Release.
  • That’s 1 Kegel.

That’s it! Pretty easy right?

As you practice more and more you’ll gain the ability to hold your squeezes/contractions for longer. Do this when you feel your muscles getting stronger. It’s not recommended to perform really long contractions at the beginning.

Pace yourself. Increase the amount of time you hold the squeeze/contraction as your muscles get stronger. The same for repetitions. Increase them as your muscles get stronger.

You should aim to perform them atleast once a day preferably 3 times a day. This is when you’ll see the results come faster.

The tme it takes to feel noticable results will vary depending on how many times a day you work your muscles. Noticable results usually take around 2-3 weeks to appear, as long as you’re consistent with your work outs.

Having looked at the benefits I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this is one exercise that’s worth performing and mastering.

Hope you enjoy learning how to perform kegels.

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