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Dear Bigger Penis Seeker,

Welcome to howtomakethepenisbigger.com, my name is Nik aka Apollo.I decided to write this short about me page to let you know a little bit about me and how I came to create this website and what you can expect to find here.

I was a bit of a late comer to penis enlargment.  When I was younger I’d always been slighty curious about whether or not my penis could be made bigger.

I had always wondered how my penis matched up to other men’s penises. I wasn’t keen to ask any of my friends for a comparison though.

However, the only comparison I had was male pornstars, although I didn’t believe that all other men in the world possesed pornstar sized penises. There was also the fact that I was always in a relationship and as a result I had confidence that I was satisfying my partners because it was me who ended the relationships.

Anyway this false confidence led me to ignore my own insecurities about my penis size. I should have just listened to my own innner voice earlier and looked into making my penis bigger. At the end of the day it has to be your choice to do something like enlargme your penis. Because people in your life will come and go but you will always remain with yourself. If you have an insecurity and you have the ability to improve on it, then do it!

My Journey To Make My Penis Bigger

2 years ago I finally decided it was better late than never when it came to making the penis bigger. And so I embarked on a journey.  I’d never really looked into the subject before and I was still not even aware that the penis could be made bigger.

I began to research the subject thoroughly. During my research I got more and more shocked to discover that not only was it possible to make the penis bigger, but men have been obsessed with and trying to how discover and increase the size of their penises for thousands of years!

I was so encouraged to find out that not only could the penis be made bigger, but there was actually a number of ways which allowed you to do it. The only question then, was which of the available ways to make the penis bigger was the best to start with as an experiment.

Being slightly sceptical still, I decided to try my luck at manual hand exercises. I had read that ancient tribes had practiced some now popular manual hand exercises such as jelqing and manual hand stretches for thousands of years to make their penises bigger.

I tried the manual exercises for 2 weeks. However it didn’t work out. I saw no results and I was worried about how I was treating my penis, I felt like I was being way too harsh on my penis. I knew that manual exercises worked though because they’ve been used  by men for thousands of years to make the penis bigger.

I came to the realisation hat manual exercises just weren’t for me. Like all methods of penis enlargment, you have to be willing to stick with them to see results. I just didn’t find the exercises enjoyable enough to stick with. Plus I felt like the time they took up could have been easily been spent better elsewhere. I had to reduce the amount of time I spent working on my penis, I also wanted to increase my penis faster whilst remaining safe.

It Was Time To Try A Penis Enlargment Device

Following the lack of satisfaction I recieved from manual hand exercises on their own. I decided to try something else. This time I was willing to invest money to make my penis bigger.
Note that even though I was willing to invest money to make my penis bigger, I left out the option of surgery because

I’m fully against it. I don’t reccomend it to anyone as a way to make your penis bigger. Simply because there’s  much cheaper, more effective and much safer ways to increase your penis size out there.

With this in mind, I continued researching and discovered penis pumps. However there was 2 types of penis pumps to choose from. An air pump and a water pump. I decided to go with an air pump  to try and understand the science behind the penis pumps first hand.  I was really excited to try it out because the results people were reporting from penis pumps in general were extremely positive.

When my air pump finally arrived I was really eager to try it on. I pumped my penis for 15 minutes and was really encouraged by the results I saw. My penis looked a bit bigger, mostly when in the flaccid state. After a few more tries of the air pump, I was impressed.

I was able to see first hand that the penis can be made bigger. My hypothesis that using a penis enlargment device would make the penis bigger than using manual exercises was also proven true. My penis was definitelylooked bigger from just a few days using the pump than it did from almost 2 weeks using just my hands.

So now a different question came to mind.  If an air pump coud work this well, showing really promising results, then how how good would a water pump work? Water pumps were suppossed to be an improvement on the air pump so I was eager to find out.

I decided to purchase the Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump as this was said to be the best water pump availabe. The reported results were amazing. I was also already convinced of the science behind penis pumps from my experience using the air pump so I was really excited to my Hydromax.

I tried my pump on as soon as it arrived. I decided to use mine in the shower, the Hydromax can also used in the bath though, in fact it’s originally designed for that, that’s why it’s be called the Bathmate.

Gave it a try for 15 minutes just to see how it compared to the air pump and I was astounded at the results! After my first session my penis looked way bigger. It definitely hang more and was bigger both in the flaccid and erect  state.

Although the size gradually decreased as time passed in the day, I knew that if I continued to use it daily, my penis would definitely get bigger. The Hydromax X30 I purchased, managed to confirmed my suspicions about water pumps, they work really well!

Here was a proven way to make the penis bigger, in a way that produced fast results and was completely safe. All I had to do now was keep using it, be patient and watch the results come in!

I’ve been hooked to my Hydromax Hydropump ever since my first session. It’s without doubt the fastest, most fun and safest way to make the penis bigger. The fun aspect really keeps you eager to keep using the device as often as possibe, which is what will bring permanent results.

The  temporary results you see from the Hydromax Hydropump are also really good. Your penis increases significantly after just 1 session. This shows you how big your penis can get with consistent use.

In truth, if you keep using the bathmate and master the proper technique, your penis will get much bigger than you could have ever imagined. I say that as someone who’s experienced this first hand.

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Why I decided to Create This Website

Since I started using my Hydromax Hydropump I have more confidence than ever before. I honestly didn’t know that making my penis bigger would have such a positive effect on other areas of my life.

I feel more powerful and masculine now. I would now be able to use the same locker room as male pornstars without feeling insecure. I now satisfy the women I have sex with in ways I was never able to before.

I realised that there’s a lot of men out there who want to know how to make the penis bigger. However not everyone has the time to research through the internet to find the best ways to make the penis bigger, so I created this website to help those people.

There’s a lot of people out there getting pulled around everywhere missing the real ways to make the penis bigger in the process.

There’s even guys out there who, despite the fact that it’s 2017, have a strong desire to make their penis bigger but they either do not know that it is possible or they do not know the best way to do it. My wish is to help guys like these.

The penis can be made bigger whatever age you are and there’s tons of ways to do it out there. You’ll find only the information you need on this website. I’ve filtered out the ineffective advice and left you with only the best advice on how you can make your penis bigger, all in one place .

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It’s the kind of information I would have killed to have at my disposal when I began my adventure into penis enlargment. You have it at your disposal so make use of it. I’ll also be occasionally offering handy advice such as sex tips so browse the site and make yourself comfortable.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions I can help with.


Founder and Owner of howtomakethepenisbigger.com

Email: support@howtomakethepenisbigger.com