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  • Foods That Help To Make The Penis Bigger
  • The 5 Most Common Penis Enlargment Mistakes You Must Avoid!
  • Does Size Really Matter? Finally Answered!

Everything You Need To Know To Make The Penis Bigger

Let’s be honest most men want a bigger penis, even the ones who already have a penis  that would be considered above average size. The reasons behind this universal desire are unknown but this desire is in our history.

There exists countless phalic monuments around the world. Like the Tower of Pisa, The Eiffel Tower and many others. There actualy exists some tribes, like the Walibri tribe of Australia, where to this day they have a tradition that men shake each other’s penises instead of hands, why they do this can only be guessed at.

However the reasons for this universal desire men have to make their penises bigger is not a total mystery.  Just think about it, your penis is the biggest symbol of your manhood. So it’s important to have a penis you’re happy with.

You probably already know that penis sizes tend to have an effect on behaviour. Don’t be alarmed but you unconsciously telegraph whether or not you’re insecure about the size of your penis all the time.

In truth you’ll probably agree that it’s better to be well hung. We all know that well hung guys are usually getting laid, just look at porn and the amount of women that go into porn. The results never lie.

Most guys usually look at male pornstars with envy. This no longer has be your reality my friend. It’s not important to feel excited at the fact that after reading this article you’ll be able to make your penis grow to male pornstar size.

I’m about to equip you with all the knowledge and advice that you  will ever need in order to get the penis of your dreams and even better, quickly and safely!

I’ve been in your shoes before. I’ve walked the path from being insecure about the size of my penis, to being extremely secure and confident in the size of my penis and my ability to please women. It’s way better to be secure and confident, trust me.

So wherever you are on your own path to making your penis bigger, follow along as we take this wild ride into penis enlargment.

Let’s begin with why it’s possibe to make the penis bigger…

As you can see from the image on the left, your Penis is Divided into 3 chambers.

2 large ones at the top, called the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue) and a smaller one at the bottom, called the carpus spongiosum ( the urinal and ejaculation chamber).

When you get aroused your brain releases a hormone which sends blood to your penis. Your Corpora Cavernosa then fills with blood and you get an erection.

The great news for guys wanting to know how to make the penise bigger comes from the fact that your corpora cavernosa can be stretched and expanded and made bigger through training!

This means that with dedication to one of the methods listed below, you can make your penis much bigger than its current size. Putting you on par with and even above some male pornstars.

Now Imagine how much your sex life and general life will improve once you’ve made your penis bigger. Imagine how great you’ll be feeling about your new bigger penis and how those good feelings and confidence will spread to other areas of your life.

I know you can wait, so here are the most proven, effective and highly recommended ways to make your penis bigger. In order of recommendation…

Water Based Penis Pump

Penis pumps are penis enlargment devices that primarily use suction to make the penis bigger. They have been used to make the penis bigger for longer than you might think.

Way back in 50s during the sexual revolution penis pumps were used by a small number of men to increase the size of their penis but they never really caught on  with the majority of people until the early 2000s.

There are 2 types of penis pumps- air and water pumps.

If you decide to make your penis bigger using  a penis pump, then I  recommend using a water pump. They are a class above air pumps when it comes to delievering fast results in a safe manner.

This is because you’re enlarging your penis in warm water, which is a currently an unrivalled way to make the penis bigger in a safe manner.

It’s not all about safety with water pumps though. They also deliver amazing instant temporary results. These results will show you ‘the road ahead’ so to speak.

You will see your penis in a new light. It will be longer and thicker in appearance. With continued use, these temporary results will become permanent. You will even get the opportunity to surpass the initial results if you choose to!

Here’s what you can do with a water pump; increase penis length and girth, treat erectile problems, cure premature ejaculation and correct penile curvature.

The best of the water pumps is the highly rated, highly recommended Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump. I personally own this water pump and can tell you from experience that it’s awesome. One of the few  penis enlargment products out there that lives up to the hype in my opinion.

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Working towards a bigger penis has never been more fun!  With consistent use you’ll see your penis grow longer and thicker than it’s ever been.

The key to success is consistency.  The same as with other methods of penis enlargment, if you want to see permanent results, you’ll need ‘train’ consistently. The Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump encourages you to return for sessions by giving highly encouraging Instant/temporary results.

Be careful not to get carried away with sessions though. Follow the guide lines unless you know what you’re doing.

If you’re serious about seeing results in your quest to make your penis bigger. Then the Bathmate Hydromax is for you.

You penis looks bigger both in length and girth from the very first session. It will slowly start to go back to its original size as time passes by, but the temporary results will cement with consistent use.

In fact, with consistent use you’ll far surpass the initial results you see, which believe me are highly impressive. This is one of the reasons the Bathmate Hydromax is so highly recommended.

If you prefer a more hands on approach to make the penis bigger then look into…

Manual Hand Exercises

Manual hand exercises, mainly stretching and jelqing, have been used by men all over the world for thousands of years to make the penis bigger.

Men from ancient tribes of Africa, South America and Ancient Arabic cultures have all used manual hand extercises to make the penises bigger at some point in their history.

These exercises are the most cost effective. All they require is a working pair of hands. The only problem is they put your penis at most risk of injury. They also usually require a lot of free time to perform them.

Jelqing– Jelqing is an ancient Arabic technique for making the penis bigger. It’s a very well known nowadays.The concept is simple, you force more blood into the penis by making a milking motion starting from the base of the penis moving upwards.

The movement ends before you reach the glans (head). The idea is to expand the corpora cavernosa overtime, causing the penis to get bigger. Jelqing is never to be done in a fully erect state as this is dangerous.

Stretching– Exactly as it sounds, you just use your hands to stretch your penis in many directions, up, down, left, right. The idea is to break down the ligaments so they form back stronger.

It’s pretty simple to do but again you need to be careful not to injure yourself. When taking part in any penis enlargement program it’s a good idea to take the safety first approach. You’ll only have one penis your whole life!

My own personal opinion on stretching exercises, as with other manual exercises is that they work. But in my opinion you’ll see much faster success if you’ve got a coach.

There’s only 2 coaching programs you need to consider. Penis Advantage and The Penis Enlargment Bible. I’ve done an in depth comparion of these 2 programs.

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For me personally, manual exercises alone produced very little in the way of encouraging temporary results. These temporary gains are important in enouraging you to keep training everyday. Which is why I bought my Bathmate Hydromax hydropump.

If you decide to try the exercises without a coach. It’s highly recommended to get a water pump to go alongside them so you don’t need to ‘work out’ as much.

Having a waterpump, like the Bathmate Hydromax will mean you don’t spend too much time straining your penis. As a beginner to penis enlargment you’re at risk of injury.

You can even skip the manual hand exercises all together and just use the Bathmate as it’s highly safe. Read My Bathmate Hydromax Review Here

Now onto the final method of penis enlargment which has been proven to produce results…

 Traction Devices

A Traction Device also known as a penis extender is a device that’s used to make the penis bigger  through stretching. It mainly increases penis length and with great success.

Traction devices are commonly used after a patient undergoes penis enlargement surgery, in order to get the penis to stretch to it’s new size after the surgery.

Many men have reported seeing very good results with penis extenders and it’s easy to see why they work.

Think about how the human body is naturally susceptibility to extension under constant tension and pullling. The penis is no different and is higly likely to grow longer when stretched repeatedly and consistently. This is why traction devices work for increasing penis length.

There was a report conducted in Turin a few years ago which showed that men who used a penis extender everyday for six months managed to increase the length of their penis by 32%. Keep in mind that the measurements for the test were carried out 6 months after the men had stopped using the device, so the results were cemented.

Tthe only problem is that these gains were  strictlyl in lengths. So if all you want from penis enlargment is a longer penis, then a traction device might be the option for you.

However if you’re looking to increase both your penis length and girth, then it’s highly recommended that you choose the Bathmate Hydromax instead. It’s the world’s best penis enargment device for increasing penis length and girth.


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A temporary penis size increase can also give you a bit of a confidence boost. As you now know, bloodflow plays an essential role in how big your penis looks. So why not give your penis a temporary size boost by increasing bloodflow to the penis. It’s simpler than you may think…

Foods That Help To Make The Penis Bigger

There are certain foods, which, when consumed have been known to help make the penis get bigger. As you know, your erection size and overall penis size is determined by the amount of blood your penis can hold in it.

So you’ll agree with me when I say that bloodflow is absolutely crucial to penis enlargment.

With that in mind I’ve compiled a nice list of foods that will help increase the bloodflow to your penis and improve your general penile health. Enjoy!


  • Bananas – Bananas do more than just look like a yellow penis, they are highly rich in pottasium which is crutial to the smooth running of the heart, and other organs.

The heart is also responsible for pumping blood around the body, making it crucial to helping make your penis appear bigger. It’s highly advisable to treat your heart as your best friend. Start off by eating a banana.



  • Leafy green vegetables like spinach are rich in Vitamin E which helps to widen blood vessels, allowing blood to pass though them easier.

As someone looking to increase the size of your penis, the words ‘widens bloodvessels should be music to your ears. Obviously Wider blood vessels equal to more blood being held in the penis, and as a result, a bigger penis.


  • Tomatoes may be modest looking but they’ve got some power! They contain lycopene which helps increase bloodflow in the same as way as the watermelon.

This dark horse of the healthy foods also helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. So not only can they help make your penis bigger, they can also save your life


Some Other Considerable Mentions include:

  • Onions – Onions help to keep your heart healthy by lowering the amount of bad cholestrol you have in your body.




  • Garlic– Garlic has been known to increase bloodflow alongside it’s other benefits.





  • Watermelon– Watermelons contain lycopene, a natural antioxidant which has been shown to increase blood flow.




  • Dark Chocolate– Dark chocolate contains flavanoids, naturally occuring antioxidants which have been shown to improve bloodflow.




  • Oranges – Citrus fruits like oranges are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to increase bloodflow. Other citrus fruits will also give you the same benefits.

If you now see the importance consuming the right nutrients plays in helping you to make the penis bigger then look into these crutial supplements…

Supplements that are cruitial to bloodflow

Nitric Oxide – Nitric oxide is a crucial supplement for anyone looking to make their penis bigger. It expands blood vesels, increasing blood flow.

It also decreases plaque growth and prevents blood clotting. Nitric oxide is found in high amounts in cocoa, especially raw cocoa. It can also be found in watermelon, Pomegranate, Spinach, Oranges and cranberries.

L- arginine – L-arginine is an amino acid which helps to exapand blood vessels, increasing bloodflow. It can also be found  in red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products.

It’s hard to get a  hold of these 2 crucial supplements.

However there’s a great pre-work out supplement on amazon called NO2 NUKE, which CONTAINS BOTH. It’s had some awesome reviews.


It’s extremely cheap, but don’t let that put you off. It’s got 2 crucial supplements and 5 star reviews all round!

Check  it out if you’re interested in maximising your efforts to enlarge your penis by providing your body with 2 crucial suppements that will help increase bloodflow.

A wise man once said “you should always be plannning for the future”. So with that in mind I’d like to now also equip you with some beginners penis enlargment knowledge.

Men who are beginners to penis enlargment usually make a lot of mistakes. However there are 5 main ones which must be avoided to ensure that you will get the penis enlargment results you most desire.

The 5 Most Common Penis Enlargment Mistakes You Must Avoid!

Whether you decide to make your penis bigger using the bathmate or manual hand exercises listed on this page, there’s some things you need to be aware of.

Since the beginning of time men have been obsessed with the size of their penises. They’ve always wanted to know how to make the penis bigger mainly.

It is a common assumption that men with bigger penises can satisfy women better.  Whether or not that assumption is true,  a lot of men believe that women want a guy who is well-endowed so that he can send her into wild ecstasy.

Having watched porn, it’s no suprise that most men have had this thought implanted into their minds. This belief whether true or false creates a false ‘urgency’ for men to increase their penis size.

As a result many guys end up making mistakes which should be avoided when trying to make the penis bigger. Amongst other reasons.

With That in mind, here are some common mistakes you want to avoid in your quest to make your penis bigger:

1.    Expecting Results Overnight

All obsessions are unhealthy. Obsessing over your penis is no different. Generally speaking, just like any other part of your body that is fully grown, you can’t expect miraculous growth to happen overnight.

Your body needs time to heal and grow. Ressist the temptation of trying methods which are either dangerous or effective such as surgery, weights or creams in your search to make your penis bigger faster. Instead

2.    Using Unsafe Methods

Some men are so desperate to make thier penises bigger faster that they resort to hanging weights from them. This is done in the hopes of stretching the penis and is highly NOT RECCOMENDED.

The same goes for surgery, don’t do it. There’s tons of cheaper and safer alternatives.  It’s no good having a big penis if you can’t use it! Remmeber safety first, you only get one penis.

3.    Thinking A Pill Can Increase Your Penis Size

The sad truth is that most penis enlargement pills are ineffective when it comes to making the penis bigger. The best they do is give you harder erections and boost your overall sex drive.

The dangerous thing about pills is that in most cases men think increasing dosage will make up for the lack of visible results.This is dangerous and misses the main point, which is that penis enargment pills are ineffective for making the penis bigger.

At the moment a penis pill that can permanently and significantly increase the size of your penis, does not exist. And I think it’s gonna be a while intil one shows up!

4.    Not Being Consistent Enough

The natural ways of increasing your penis length and girth listed at the top of this page are the best ways currently available for making the penis bigger.

They’ve been proven to produce permanent result. However you’ll need to stick your exercise routine and include rest days too as overtraining is almost as bad as undertraining as will be covered in the final point.

A lot of men give up because they don’t see any temporary results to give them ecouragement and push them to be consistent in their quest to make their penis bigger.

In order to get long lasting permanent results you need to be consistent with your work outs. It’s like getting big muscles, If you want to see results, you have to work out consistently.

The irony for those who quit because of a lack of encouraging results lies in the fact that they actualy REALLY want to make their penis bigger. However their CURRENT SIZE and their IDEAL SIZE ( the vision) are far apart and they get discouraged early on because of the current reality.

If you want to be a master of the mind and your world you need to look beyond your current reality, hold your attention and focus on the way your penis will look once you make it bigger. With your goal held in your mind set your routine and keep to it until you see that it’s time to alter it.

5.    Not Allowing Enough Recovery Time

The final problem is another problem that stems from an over-eagerness to make the penis bigger. Every successful penis enlargment routine will have rest periods in between.

This means adequate recovery time in between work outs to allow the penis to recover. Much like bodybuilding, you need rests in between your workouts.

Don’t think that ‘working out more’ will lead to ‘faster’. You’ll just end up injuring your penis and ruining your potential gains. Remember that most of your growth will be done whist resting.

Give your penis time to adjust to your new training schedule, master the art of patience. Make sure you pick a PROVEN method for making the penis bigger so you can have a peace of mind and approach the subject with calmness.

You’ll find the best proven ways to make the penis bigger on this page.

The number one reccomended way to increase the size of your penis as listed above is the Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump. The testimonials are mind blowing and having used it myself, I can understand the hype.

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 Does Size Matter? Finally Answered!

Admit it, you’ve asked yourself this question at some point, how esle would you end up here?

We’ve all had this question in our minds at some point. And yet there seems to be no definitive answer out there as far as society is concerned.

Follow along as we finally answer this question, once and for all!

To begin with, lets take a look at the Penis’ main function

We all know that the penis’ is primaily used for urinating and for ejaculating sperm, to create life.

You may be forgiven for thinking that these are it’s only uses.

It makes sense, in terms of nature, our goal is to ‘plant our seed’ in as many women as possible and produce offspring. This is confirmed by the fact that men produce over 500 BILLION sperm cells over a life time.

However a recent discovery changed my mind about the whole thing.

Men are multi orgasminc. I know wtf!

Yes it’s true, men can have multiple orgasms too and this a proven scientific fact.

Check out this book Multi Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chi On Amazon.

It’s crazy to  think that men can have multiple orgasms. I’m yet to master multiple orgasms but I’ve managed to train myself up to last a LOT longer in bed and I’m still improvingl.

It’s worth looking into this book, you have nothing to lose and many sexual pleasure to gain!


Now back to the topic at hand

This fact of being able to delay/deny ejaculation calls into question the theory that the penis is just a urination and ejaculation ‘tool’.

Every man who is alive now and who has ever lived  before holds one thing in common, having a penis and being obsessed with it. There seems to be an intrinsic desire to make the penis bigger latent within everyman.

Let’s Travel Back To Ancient Times

Men from ancient times, much like us, were obsessed with the size of their penises. Remember that the manual hand stretches like jelqing come directly from ancient times.

There’s countless ancient artistic depictions of the penis as being a symbol of male power, virility and strenghth. Even ancient men were obsessed with wanting to know how to make the penis bigger.

The large penis much like it is now, was a fascinating subject for many ancient tribes.

There are cave drawing stretching back to 400BC depicting high status men of the time as having large penises. Ancient Gods like Geb, the ancient egyptian God of creation are depicted as having big penises. It’s no wonder many of us want to make it bigger.

This is due to the association we make between penis size and male confidence, power, virility. But also don’t forget, it’s a tool that helps create life, so it’s no wonder the ancients valued it as we do.

Some Ancient tribes of Africa and South America are still to this very day practicing strethcing exercises to make their penises bigger.

Crazy to think that primitive tribes are trying to make their penises bigger. They don’t even have the penis insecurity created by porn and they still want to make it bigger!

Lets Comeback To The Present

This society is perhaps THE MOST obsessed with our penises. Masturbation is just a normal part of the day for every man so we have little choice but to keep questioning whether orm not our size is good enough or not. The use of porn has contributed hugely to this.

We in this society, have had so many different ideas fed to us about what the perfect penis is supposed to look like.

The main source guys want an answer from on this question is women. Bad Idea! Because the fact is, that a woman who loves you will think your penis size is perfect. Once she stops loving you, that same penis might now be a tiny one to her and she’ll let you know if it ended badly.

So make it bigger to give her no weapons later!

The best advice I can give you is to rely solely  on your own opinion only when it comes to your life. Don’t allow others’ opinion to govern your life.

The main reason you would want to know the answer to this question is because of an insecurity. Turns out there’s a lot of insecure people around because most of us have asked ourselves this question. Fix your insecurities whenever an opportunity arises.

And If learning how to make the penis bigger is the first step in your journey to be more secure, then waste no time! The good thing about this time we’re living in is that everything is within easy reach…

Like the best penis enlargment device known to man….

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Our society is definitely obsessed with big penises. Just look at the popularity of big penis porn and you’ll understand what I mean. I can see why now having looked at the history of penis obsession.

My Opinion

In my opinion size does matter. Because it matters TO ME. I think that’s the key, if it matters to you, then it matters to you, simple.

I’ve had sex whilst I’ve had an average sized penis and I’ve had sex whilst I’ve had a bigger penis, it’s a no brainer which one I prefer. The thing is I’m not the only one. Looks like we’re not so different after all.

If you’re insecure about the size of your penis, you should definitely look into making it bigger.

No one’s going to do it for you. All the information you’ll ever need to make your penis bigger is right here on this page.

Thanks for reading, hope you found this page helpful,